Psychotherapy for Adults

Gain insight into how your prior life experiences impact your current thinking patterns and behaviors, and work to build new coping strategies, healthy habits, and communication skills.

Change is possible. This may be hard to remember when you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, indecisive, or burned out.  As a clinical psychologist, I will offer a fresh perspective on your current symptoms or long standing patterns to guide you in making choices towards a fulfilling and joyful life. This might involve changing your relationship to suffering, as growth often involves the wisdom learned through growing pains.

Psychotherapy is a collaborative process where we both play an active role in cultivating change in your life.

l will listen carefully to you, ask insight-oriented questions, share my thoughts and observations related to your experiences, and provide education and tools from current perspectives in the field of psychology.

Your active participation is essential to your progress by expressing yourself honestly, being open to feedback, questioning ideas that you do not understand, and most importantly, implementing new strategies in between sessions.

Who should seek therapy?

Some people who pursue therapy have a mental health diagnosis, and others do not. Symptoms such as depression and anxiety might indicate a mental health disorder, or they may serve as messengers about current life circumstances. Emotions are not always “disordered.” Instead, they may be a reasonable and appropriate response to a personal or global event.

Therapy can facilitate a deeper understanding of your psychological processes and provide a place to process difficult, yet very normal human emotions.

Focus Areas

Depression and Bipolar
Anxiety (OCD, GAD, PTSD)
Addiction (substances & behaviors)
Cultural & Identity Concerns
Relationship Issues
Grief, Aging and Loss
LGBTQIA+ Concerns

Treatment Approaches

Cognitive Behavioral
Acceptance & Commitment
Relational Gestalt
Mindfulness & Compassion
Buddhist Psychology
Internal Family Systems

Positive Change Can Start Today

When we connect, we will discuss your presenting concerns and treatment goals to determine if we might be a good fit for working together.  If for some reason, it seems like I may not be able to meet your needs, I will offer a resource or referral who can help.

“Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know.”

- Pema Chödrön